Charles Harper
Modern Poetry 306
Dr. Gharabegian
Pounds Imagism questions

1) Pound and Eliot saw eye to eye in the fact they both thought that poetry should
Have a great stake in the process of creativity in the sublime. The words and form a poet
should use should allow for the reader to experience the poem emotionally through their
own distinct experience of it. A poem should not guide response or interpretation but should be formed where the reader find it. “Image” is that which presents an intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time.
2) Pound snobbism refers to the thinking of the Victorian mode of writing. The snobbish way that literary institutions of the time thought that poetry should be judged. There was no room for growth of expression in this view.
3) Pound believed that critic’s opinions should not be valued heavily when constructing a work “Pay no attention to the criticism of men who have never themselves written a notable work. Consider the discrepancies between the actual writing of the Greek poets and dramatists, and the theories of the Graeco-Roman grammarians, concocted to explain their metres.” This means don’t listen to people who write about writers, listen to other great writers.
4) Pound says the line is good because there is nothing descriptive about the line that the reader can interpret.
5) Pound believes that reading poetry in other languages makes you smatter. You create a certain musicality from not knowing the language at all. It can teach you to make a rhythm that you would not necessarily have if you were familiar.
6) Pound insists that being viewy is providing description with words. This is a negative according to Pond because it shows laziness on the poet’s part to objective word that is open for interpretation.
7) Pound suggest that your rhythmic structure should not destroy the shape of your words, or their natural sound, or their meaning. Sound is best interruptive by the ear of the hearer. Rhythm and or rhyme should be applied not in a predictable manner but should have some element of unpredictability. A poet should structure the poem where there is no rhyme or rhythm without purpose. It should exist in the work to enhance it in some way. The future artist is one that creates for freedom of interpretation as well as expression .The poet will find their strength in concentration of the poetic process. One should hope to evoke emotion through small detail and the everyday experience. He or she should find beauty in small moments and put it into an intresting form.