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     My objective correlative is the sweet smell of banana cake. It takes me back to my childhood, when I would always visit my grandparents. My grandfather would always be reading the national newspaper, while rocking in his favorite chair. Meanwhile, I would ask my grandmother if she wanted to bake with me. Of course, she would always say yes in her own way; by giving me a gentle grin and a grocery list. Immediately, I would go off to the corner store to get everything from her list; bananas, bocadillos, butter, flour, sugar and eggs. Two hours later, the whole floor would be infused with the sweet smell of banana cake. It was quite funny; since my grandfather would stop rocking and before you know it, he would be in the kitchen. Of course, they would make me wait until the cake cooled off. Ironically, I never truly understood why I had to wait. However, the sweet, wholesome and mesmerizing smell will always take me back to that one moment; that till this day I truly cherish and hold on to.