All my life, one of my passions throughout has been the sport of boxing.  My uncle boxed as a professional, my father exposed me to it an early age when he use to watch all of the great fights on television.  By age 18, I was in full training to compete as an amateur and that’s what I did having a total of six fights.  I did it because I loved the sport.  There’s was no money to be made, unless I turned professional.  But it was a great experience being involved in that world, and to meet people who loved and knew about the sport as much as I did.  My Objective Correlative happened almost 5 years ago, when I climbed into the ring to fight an opponent in his actual hometown.  When the ring announcer announced his name the building was literally shaking, it was a loud ovation.  When my name was announced you could hear a rat piss it was that quiet.  I was at a disadvantage early on, but I was so focused to win, that I took that crowd away from him from the first bell on.  I dominated him, hurt him, and beat him up.  Even though when the fight was over, I was still nervous because judges had taken away my glory before, as the ring announcer reads the cards he says, “and the winner in the red corner!! From Bayonne, New Jersey Bryant Romero!! It was one of the greatest feelings of my life being able to overcome adversity, and one I’ll never forget.  Was it better than sex?  Probably not, but it sure was close.