My brother has this cologne that he owns that has this very distinctive smell to it. This cologne has a substance in it called rose water. I tell my brother to store this cologne away because this smell is too painful to me. This cologne reminds me of my father, my father used to wear cologne with that same exact smell as my brothers cologne. Every time I smelled or saw the cologne it would bring me back to being a little girl where I used to watch my dad put that cologne on. The smell was so strong I hated it. I could distinctively remember being around 9 or 10 years old telling my dad that I didn’t like it. When I told him that I remember him laughing and thinking my reaction was cute. Every time I smell that scent I instantly think of my father and my youth. This makes me terribly sad because when I was young I had the best memories with my father. As an adult my father separated himself from me and I haven’t spoken to him in over five years. This is why I don’t like this cologne because I am reminded of the memory I had with my father and the youth that I will never get back.