Eliot gives you very descriptive picture of what is going on. In part one he describes the winter by mentionting the grimy withering leaves. In the winter the leaves are dying and some are already dead. He also speaks about A lonely cab-horse steams and stamps. Then the lighting of the lamps. When I think of winter I think of thesun going down early and the lamps in the street being turned on early. He also reminds you of a horse with steam coming out of its mouth because it is so cold. That steam is more like frost. In part four he goes on describing the street and it seems lonely because its winter. In the winter a lot of people are not outside because it is cold, so it’s seems like the streets are lonely. In part four he says,”At four and five and six o’clock;And short square fingers stuffing pipes,And evening newspapers, and eyes.Assured of certain certainties,The conscience of a blackened street,Impatient to assume the world.” In the winter people are sutffing pipes to keep warm and the street seems black and dark early. Eliot seems to be describing a dark and depressing time of the year.