These lyrics are from one of my favorite rappers named Johnson Barnes (an American West Coast rapper and producer from Los Angeles, California) that goes by Blu. I always thought rap was another type of poetry and sometimes I look up his lyrics and read them like poetry. It’s just one more way to enjoy them…hope you guys do too.

“I used to have

Peace, serenity, teaching divinity

Break bread, sipping the blood, eating with enemies

Blind, pearl on my mind thinking we finna be

This, that, and the third

Boy did I learn, tables turn

Billy holiday burned down to play when my nerves drowned my focus away

Swerving in the locomotive, far from my hopes and motives

Back to boastin’ at shows to get a standin’ o

From all the fans I know on some of that

Sapphire rapid fire soul stuff I used to hit ’em off with

But now I’m some ol’ “pay the toll” for the way I played the role

Cautious when I lace a flow, cause Po’s think I’m painting codes

Patience grown thin, home sick and haven’t been home since

Fuck a rapper, I’m an actor in a film called

Leave me the fuck alone til’ I find a real job

Busting chrome grills off at these soft hearted breakbeats

Bouncin’ with 808’s and

Gray ink Blue heart, red skies

True art died in the heart of my mind

Kept trying to fulfill this

Blank-scribbled realness, even if it kills this

Poet inside”

from Amnesia