Dearest Students –

Just a quick reminder (thanks to Doug!) that you have a Yeats post due on the blog by end of day, tomorrow.  If it comes in on Monday morning, that, too, is fine, but no later, please!  About 200-300 words on any one of Yeats’ poems — one we read in class (whether long or short), one from the syllabus, one you may have read on your own….

Incidentally, did you all see Marina’s gorgeous post?  The Verlaine poem (symbolist), and the beautiful photos and her words that accompanied it all….?  Scroll down and enjoy.  Doug’s post was equally wonderful.  So glad to see that he enjoyed Eliot (love that he shared a poem, which we can talk about in class!), and hope that some of the rest of you found something or other redeeming in Tradition and the Individual Talent. 

Really looking forward to Tuesday’s discussion!