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In Yeat’s poem, “Adam’s Curse”, there is style that I myself would like to learn and mimic.  And this style or rather excellent use of dialogue within the poem astounds me because it is visual that I feel like I am part of the conversation.  Without sacrificing any poetic language, Yeats creates a wonderful small scene that reads simple and yet, eloquent.  All the while containing the intricate idea about the innate understanding of the hard work beauty costs.  I find him delivering this concept through dialogue intrigues because it exposes me the idea of flexibility in what tools can be used in poetry.  I have been exposed to many poems dealing with reflective thoughts and imagery, forget that poetry is a house made of clay, stones, or logs.  There isn’t just one way, but as many as I can create, as Yeat’s demonstrates in the domination of dialogue in “Adam’s Curse”.