In Yeats’ poem, “When You Are Old” readers can detect a tone of regret and or resentment. In the third stanza line two he says, “Murmur, a little sadly” followed by in the third stanza he “hid” his face. Each of the former quotes allows the reader to understand that his resentment and / or regret has caused pain. In the first stanza Yeats diction is nice and kind he describes his ex lover by saying she has a ” soft look “. Later, in the second stanza fourth line he tells her, her looks are changing “changing face” he also add the word ” sorrows ” to illustrate to the readers the intensity regarding her looks. The theme is to show, true and unwavering love by Yeats. However, this young lover chose to ignore and not appreciate his love. Now Yeats point out that ” how love fled ” Insinuating that he no longer feels the same. This poem consist of three quatrains and end rhymes. An example of end rhymes are ” sleep” and ” deep” this rhyming continues through out the poem. Lastly, the poem carries a ( ABBA) rhyme scheme.