Jehan Mahmoud

Modern Poetry

Thomas Hardy poems are mostly dark and depressing. Hardy seems to be regretful and disappointed in most of his poems. On the other hand A.E Housman poems are different from Hardy’s. In A.E poems the tone is a little more hopeful and pleasant. Their writing styles and images are different in so many different ways as well. Hardy’s poems give you dark images and dark imaginations. A.E.Housman’s poems give you images but no regrets.
Thomas Hardy’s poems give a dark and depressing feeling in several of his poems, for example “Shut Out that Moon” Hardy says, “Pirson my eyes and thoughts” What he is implying is, he wants his eyes to be locked up or away so he won’t have to see the moon again. He does not want to see the moon because it reminds him to much of the past and of a moon that he has shared memories with. Those lines are really sad and depressing.
In Housman’s poems he sets a similar tone. For example, ”Into my heart an air that kills” Houseman says, “This is the land of lost content, I see it in shining  plain, The happy highways where I went And cannot come again.” What Housman is  saying here is that what he once knew about his country will never be the same. He views his country or the people to come in the future will never make his  country how he remembered it the same again. There is also a unpleasant and a hopeless tone about those lines.
When it comes to Hardy’s writing style his poems mostly have a pattern that matches rhymes every other line. He has a,b,c,b,c,d and so on. The images that he gives you through this poem and his other poems are regretful or dark and dreary. For example, in “I look Into My Glass” the first couple of lines he mentions his wasting skin, and he wishes his heart has shrunk as thin. Just those few lines are depressing and regretful because it sounds like he’s regretting getting old. The image of that poem is dark and depressing. “Shut Out that Moon” is not a pleasant title just by that title I get a dark image in my mind because the moon only comes out when it is dark out.
In Housman’s poem there is a rhyme scheme each line rhymes with the next. Housmans gives you a positive image at first just by the words he uses. For example, he uses blue, remembered, and happy. Most poems that consist of these words usually have nice meaning to them. In Housman’s case they did not have such a  pleasant meaning to them. The sentences that contain these wordsmake you realize that this is  sad poem and that Housman is trying to warn you about your future. Hardy on the other hand is just always regretful about his life and does not have any hope for anything. I think Housman is a bit more hopeful because he would try to warn you  in his poems, if he didn’t think you could do anything about it then why would he try to warn you?