I was more intrigued by the poems of Wilfred Owen than that of Siegfried Sassoon.  The reason being is simple, Wilfred Owen is giving his account on being in the battlefield fighting for his life during World War I.  While both poets are soldiers and have experience on the battlefield, both of their writing styles were different.  Wilfred was more interested in describing what was going on with his surroundings as he’s fighting this war.  The imagery he presents in the poem “Dulce et Decorum Est” was great as he details the incoming gas and those who were fortunate to put the gas masks on in time.  The way Wilfred Owen describes a man dying from the green gas is chilling and describes it as a green ocean that is drowning this man who fails to put his mask on in time.  I was more interested in reading on what the soldiers saw and had to go through and Wilfred Owen provided that.  Siegfried was more interested about the politics of the war, and why they were there fighting, for what purpose.  Which was interesting, he was talking about getting out of this nightmare and longing to be back home living a simple life.