The picture of the forest in October is so beautiful and so alive that it plays bigger role in the text, and we can even say it outweighs the  mood of the author.  His melancholy, mentioned only in line 20, and  almost sounding like an official diagnosis:  “And this mood by the name of melancholy”  somehow leaves an impression of his uncertainty if he is indeed sad or just  does not know yet  how to  use  inspiration from the Nature’s  beauty. He says:  “But if this  be not happiness, –who knows?/ Some day I shall think this a happy day” (19).  He is able to feel the warmth of the October forest with his different senses—”…to the touch is not more cool/ Than it is warm to the gaze”(12).  While he stays in the  forest, he  expresses his hope for happiness  — …now I might /As happy be as earth is beautiful (13), then he returns to his own world which has already changed him and  alienated him from the harmony of Nature—…Were I some other(14).   He leaves the forest only dreaming that some day his  mood “Shall no more blackened and obscured  be“(21).

     Marina Shiyanova