Read the poem below by Richard Aldington (yet another Modern poet who wrote about The Great War).  How does this poem differ–in whatever way strikes you–from ones you’ve read by Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon?  Focus on any one aspect of this poem and the poetry of Owen or Sassoon….  Just 100-200 words will do:


Gold flashes in the dark,

And on the road

Each side, behind, in front of us.

Gold sparks

Where the fierce bullets strike the stones.


In a near shell-hole lies a wounded man,

The stretcher-bearers bending over him ;

And at our feet


Cower shrinkingly against the ground

Dark shadowy forms of men.

Only we two stand upright ;

All differences of life and character smoothed out

And nothing left

Save that one foolish tie of caste

That will not let us shrink.