I have come to learn that modern poetry is very different when it comes to poets. While both Thomas Hardy and A.E Housman’s poetry contains dark almost depressing content, there is a significant difference in their poetry. Thomas Hardy’s poetry is much more depressing. The tone of the poetry is heavy and filled with sadness. For example the poetry “Shut out the moon” by Hardy paints such a lonesome image. It’s more about isolation on a personal level and not wanting to deal with anything. His poetry almost has a depressing look on life but yet it isn’t. It is simply what it is, a real look at life. In the poem “Hap” by Hardy, he talks about the fact life is based on chance. There is no god, there is nothing but chance. His poems are serious and often take ideas and apply it to nature. His poems start off withdrawn and cold but it takes a turn that leaves the reader questioning the poetry all together. In this way it is playful and shows humanity and not the disconnectedness that they aim to portray.

A.E Housman is different because even though his poetry is sad it’s more about nostalgia. It is about resurrecting those memories that haunt you, those memories that you torture of yourself with. “Into an air that kills” by A.E Housman is one of those poems. Anyone can relate to it but the tone of the poem is not depressing even though it is sad it is happy. It is just a memory, a sweet memory that will never be relived except within your mind. The poems are not as withdrawn as Hardy’s and there is a sense of warmth within them. Even though both of the poems contain “rue” they are of a different nature.  Hardy is much more  “hardcore” meaning that he contains much darker poem but Housman’s poetry, even though it is dark, has a certain warmth that makes you feel.