While reading Owen’s poem, his word choice stuck out to me the most. Owen’s first word of the poem ‘anthem’ this word employs the use of irony for what’s to come. The form of the poem is Petrarchan sonnet, it also uses rhyme scheme that take character of English sonnet. The word Anthem, is best known within the song ‘National Anthem’ most often expresses joy. (Line1) ‘passing bell’ is more than likely, a bell that sounds after someone’s death. The word ‘orisons in ( line4) suggest prayers, or funeral prayers. Line 3 he uses alliteration ‘rifles, rapid, rattle’ which is part of his well known poetic devices technique. (Line8) speaks of ‘shires’ which is the countryside from which many soldiers came. Candles, gives the notion of a room where a body is displayed. In my opinion this is a war poem that exposes the conditions of war.

Miniesia Coleman