This information was going from one blog to another for quite a while, but  since I discovered it recently for myself, I thought it would be nice to pay some kind of tribute to Shakespeare in a blog about Modern English Poetry;  I will post it. tumblr_lqx1trc0dV1qbvyrlo1_500

During the last lecture Professor Gharabegian taught us about neologisms invented by Thomas Hardy (most of them in use today).
For me a real discovery was to get to know words and expressions such as pound of flesh, green-eyed monster, misplaced, neighboring, and obscenely were invented by Shakespeare more than 400 years ago,  and we still use them without considering their Shakesperean origin.

By the way, if you go to this site (the link below), you could do a simple test to see how Shakespearean your own language is.


Marina Shiyanova