I found that Hardy’s poems were filled with a lot more “Rue” compared to Housman poems.  The tone in Hardy’s poems have a more serious tone, and I sense more emotion coming out of Hardy’s poems to that of Houseman.  While reading Houseman poems such as “With Rue My Heart is Laden”, and “When I Was One-and -Twenty” there is more calm demeanor expressed by Houseman.  It’s sad, but I sense a playfulness tone and some humor.  Houseman’s poems are a little more interesting to read to me because there was more mystery behind the words and tone. There is some confusion in Housman’s poems to determine whether it’s a serious or playful tone.  Thomas Hardy seems to have more sorrow behind his words, and there is no confusion behind his tone in poem’s “Hap” and “Neutral Tones”.  Hardy expresses more raw emotion and anguish behind his words.