You can easily point out that both Hardy and Housman have a tone of regret or disappointment in their writing. However it somewhat differs.
Hardy wrote the poem “Hap” in the form of a sonnet. The tone of this poem is more of a disappointment. In the first and second stanza we see that Hardy basically wants a God to be mad at. But towards the third stanza we see a change in character, where he actually believes that it is not God to blame for good or bad it is simple a chance. This poem shows more of Hardy’s anger. This poem is written with an ABAB, CDCDDC rhyme scheme. His choice of diction did not stand out to me as much as in Housman’s’. Both poets also write about the loss of a love in other poems, which was very similar.
In Housman’s poem “LIV. With rue my heart is laden” there is definitely a sense of loss in this poem. Within the first stanza there are specific words that contribute to his feeling of regret. The first line “With rue my heart is laden” is simply showing how he is filled with regret because his own heart is heavy. The second line then speaks of the friends he had and the third and fourth show the specific loss of innocence and of being carefree. Like in Hardy’s poem, the rhyme scheme is also ABAB, CDCD, however this poem only has two stanzas. Housman does show imagery in the last time lines of this poem, especially “in fields where roses fade”. His choice of diction was very particular to the poem because all though it shows such tragedy and loss he was still able to rhyme and use detailed words.

Erica D.