Thomas Hardy’s poems do indeed convey elegiac stanzas. Furthermore, perhaps the most notably one is his “I look into my glass”.  Particularly, he mourns here about himself. Sadly, he grieves about how time has passed and how he is now an old man that is quite young at heart. He also mourns in the second stanza about those close persons in his life that have passed away or have abandoned their relationship with him (“For then, I, undistrest… By hearts cold to me…”). Another clear example of Hardy’s grief and disappointment is “A Broken Appointment”. It is composed by a traditional quatrain and posseses the rhyme scheme ABAB. Additionally, the quatrains also have unequal couplets that are iambic dimeter. Also, the  complete rhyme scheme is AABCBCAA and the second stanza is DDEFEFDD. Within this poem we can easily feel pity and sympathize with Hardy. His opening remarks such as: “You did not come…” and “You love not me” clearly and strongly emphasize on his feelings and how he grieves for loving a woman that does not correspond him.

Secondly, A.E. Housman differs from Thomas Hardy’s tone in grief and disappointment by the fact that Housman grieves from his youth that has passed and cannot recover. More precisely, we view this in “XL: Into my heart an air that kills”. It seems that he grew up in rural area from which he recalls many happy moments. However, he is reminiscing about all of his past memories, which he cannot go back to. “That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain, the happy highways where I went and cannot come again”; when he mentions that he cannot go back again it is not meant in a literal way as if he is a refugee. More in a conceptual way, as in time passes and we cannot go back and relive memories. Everything changes, landscapes, people, even ourselves. Also, Edward Thomas grief differs from his tone it is optimistic, but contains the harsh reality. In “When I first came here”, we can view this more directly. “When first I came here I had hope, Hope for I knew not what…. And now I walk down it the last time. Never will.” Additionally, his grief is almost unique since it is almost immediately.  Opposed to Hardy and Housman that wait for their skin and life to pass by in order to realize how time has passed. Thomas realizes this soon and grieves upon his steps.

Karen Mateus.