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This response is really late, but i thought i should still post it anyway! Its the post about the wasteland interpretation between the two women.

In the conversation between the two women->

The speaker is telling the other woman to “hurry up please, its time” (140) because her husband is coming back from the army. She urges her to “get [herself] some teeth to look good for her man because he is going to want “a good time”. (148) I kind of figired she meant that she’s had five children already and killed them all. Because the narrator says that she “nearly died of young George”. Then she goes on to say that the “chemist” said that it would be all night. I guess everytime that her husband Albert comes home (since he has been away from her for so long) he wants to have sex with her, but she doesnt want tyo because she doesnt want anymore children. The woman is only 31 years old , but the “pills” that she has been taking to prevent pregnancy have been very detrimental to her body.

(This is what I got out of the passage)


-Chi Chi