Hey everyone!

Wow, this has to be the quietest that i’ve seen this blog. My phone hasnt been blowing up with notifications of posts from everyone (except Ivette and professor Gharabegian). 🙂

I havent been on here for a while because of finals, but i’ve finished all of my finals and everything that ive had to submit, except the final paper for this class. Ive started gathering all of my notes and information this morning. Where is everyone?? Have yall started doing your papers yet? Ive been texting Ivette since last week and we’ve been discussing the paper and its really not even as easy as it may look. I dont even know where to start writing to be honest.

Id like to hear some ideas from you all, I know everyone is swamped with finals, but try to get on here soon! 🙂


-Chi Chi


P.S Professor Gharbegian!!!! How are you?! I hope your making an easy recovery from your surgery 🙂 *super super tight hugs*