Naughty Little Ones –

Soooo quiet!  Post-finals drunkenness?  Ivette has tried with such an admirable effort to get you all talking, but to no avail.  I will say one thing: her warnings were quite right!  If you are not in conversation (or at least in some phase of thought) at this point, you are in trouble!  This final project counts for 20% of your grade.  What are you doing?  Waiting for Tuesday morning?  If you’re not engaged in putting this thing together by now, I cannot come to your aid, rescue you, or pull the almost-burning cake out of the oven for you at the last moment…. I’m here now, but come Tuesday when you’re begging and pleading for more time and extra help, I won’t be able to offer either.  Take advantage NOW!  This is not as easy an assignment as you may think…. Good luck.