Hi Everyone,

Hope that finals are killing anyone’s brain. I spoke with Dr. Gharabegian and she would like for us to pose and post all of our questions as we go along with our paper so can answer all of them.

So I want to make sure I do this paper correctly and the only way to that is by not retyping my notes and handing it in, right? Right! So, basically my question is does anyone of ideas or pointers of how I (we) should start the paper.

So far I have looked through my notes and jotted down everything I should talk about and things I want to include (like quotes and definitions we learned) at the end of the paper. I’m going to group my notes, that is gather everything that goes together and put them together. My idea is to type what we learned and give my own examples outside of the ones we talked about in class.

Let me know what you all think?

P.S. I know we all have papers and finals, but let’s not forget about this paper; it’s not as easy as it may sound.