Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well though by now I’ve already posted two blog posts =). Any who as I mentioned before I would like to get together (anyone who is interested) to discuss notes for our final paper/project. I think this will be really helpful to all of us and will really give us an opportunity to get what were missing and understand what we don’t understand. Not only will this benefit us by refreshing our memories but it will definitely help our papers stay right on track.

I am free to meet Friday in the afternoon 6 and I can meet on the weekends if you guys want. Also I think the best idea is to meet Tuesday as though we had class. We don’t have to stay three hours but at least we know everyone is available and the classroom is available as well. I am willing to meet anywhere the weather is getting nicer so if you want to meet at a park or somewhere outside of school that’s fine by me as well.

If you’re not interested in coming to the study group let me know so I know you saw the post at least. Again if you don’t want to write on here you are all more than welcomed to add me on facebook and contact me there or again here is my number you can text or call me.