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( (Feb 28th)

Williams Carlos Williams

“Sinking Into”

“I feel that I would like 
to go there 
and fall into those flowers 
and sink into the marsh near them”. The speaker believes that her only diversion from the pain of her husband dying is to die beside him. The intense lines explain the widow’s despair. It describes a moment too great to bear and is ironic to think that death could grant such fulfillment for the speaker. William Carlos Williams uses springtime as an ironic twist to show how deeply the widow feels for her husband. I cant help to notice how close the words are. Window / Widow, was this done purposely? They are so similar. Another notable thing is how spring represents a new beginning to life. It also implies new possibilities. Seeing the flowers once brought joy to the widow, who states in line 18, “… today I notice them / and turned away forgetting.” The joy that the widow once felt is replaced with the sad memory of her husband. Williams paints a beautiful portrait of a widow’s sorrow. He paints his picture with symbolism, metaphors, and irony.