Blue handle with white “whiskers”.  The whiskers where once blue, and near the root they still are.  I don’t keep it in the bathroom.  I keep in my bedroom, on the night stand on the right side of my bed.  The tooth brush was given to me by my aunt when I was eight.  It was a gift, an attempt to cheer me up.  My mother had just left to come here, The US, but my paper work was still being processed.  I stayed with my aunt for that year.  My aunt was… was a part of my life.  Mother tells me that as a young child I would ask for “my other mommy”.  The morning of my flight I refused to leave, so my aunt promised me that before the “whiskers” on the brushed turned completely white that I would see her again.  I used the brush every day and refused to used another… I kept this up for two years.  Every now and then I lay on my bed TV off, when the household is asleep, late at night and stretch my right hand.  My right thumb strokes the whiskers, and I remember “my other mommy”.