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Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well. After class on Tuesday I stayed to speak with Dr. Gharabegian about our project. Her idea was to get a group together so we can all review/share our notes so we can get our paper going. I thought that would be a great idea. So I was wondering who would be interested in meeting up if not this week then maybe next week to discuss, review and share notes?

I think this would be great for all of us especially if there are things we don’t remember or maybe didn’t get a full understanding.

Let me know what you think and what times/days are good for everyone? We could get a room in the library. Keep in mind that the weeks are flying by quickly.

This is my number if you guys want to text me instead. 201-736-0293

Feel free to email me or inbox me on facebook. Whatever is easiest for you to contact me.

Hope everyone has a great week. =)