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Oh, hi! Been a while! 🙂

Baseball always brings about the strongest emotions from me. Earlier in my life, I would attend every Saturday home game the Yankees would have during baseball season with my father; it was always a great time. Win or lose, my father and I enjoyed the time out of the house and in a place where you could just have a good time—father-son time. The smell of the grass and the food would overcome me when I walked into Yankee Stadium(now demolished), and even now as an adult I still feel the child in me become giddy and filled with joy when watching a baseball game. We would always sit really high up in the stadium because we could not afford the more expensive, closer seats, but we would always have a grand time without sitting as close as we would have liked. Baseball brings out the kid in me all over again, which is why I always try to catch the game whenever it is on, or am dying to know the score if I miss it.  To me, baseball is what brings me back to my childhood and can make me happy when I am sad. Every inning and every pitch mean so much more to me than they do to the actual game, which is why I sort of go crazy when even the slightest thing goes wrong while watching it. I just purely love every aspect of the game.