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Hello Everyone,

I was really tempted to write about an incident that happened to me when i was 13 that made me want to start modeling. But i figured i’d write about something else instead 🙂 I remember when i was in grammar school, there was this woman named Mrs. Hardiman, who was in charge of the enrichment program at my school. Through the program, i was able to go on trips to museums, art exhibitions, concerts, broadway shows, plays, carvinals, camp every summer etc. Mrs. Hardiman was one of those people who always told me, “when you experience something new, its always good to write about it.” She would always tell all of us in the program to bring a tiny backpack and a notebook and pen to any place that we were going to. When she discovered that i was super nerdy growing up and that i loved reading, she also would always give me a ton of books each week, because she believed that there was nothing, more calming than picking up a book to read. I would say that she is one of the people that exposed me to the “artsy” things of this world at a very young age and helped form my love of writing, reading and learning. My parents are very technical and see that as the only way to “make a decent living” in life. But, overtime they’ve grown to tolerate my stubbornness and dedication to what i love to do.

But everytime i hear about enrichment programs (objective correlative), im automatically reminded of Mrs. Hardiman and the days when i use to go on endless trips. My love for modeling (which is an art form i think), reading, traveling, learning and writing were definitely influenced by her. 🙂