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I did one for each Haiku. Here they are:

No matter how hard

I try, I can’t stop thinking

of my old village.

I remember the days

when I use to run through the cornfields


Placing the rice cakes

in a row, the child recites,

“Mine!” And “Mine!” And “Mine!”

but I can’t he can’t be greedy

so he says “I’ll share some with you.”


Mosquito larvae

are idle-like me today

like me tomorrow

with no motivation

to reach for my goals.


Lying here looking

at the mountains I just crossed,

I’m even hotter.

But the view was so amazing,

the journey was memorable.


As the doe nurses

her newborn fawn, the arrow

has eyes to find her

and while trying to protect her doe

she could not protect herself; it was too late.