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Hello there Everyone,

Here is my really late response for the Williams Carlos Williams or Stephen Crane prompt.

I chose to write about the poem “The Redwheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams. First of all, I must say that Williams is by far one of my favorite poets of all time. He never fails to fill his work with tons of imagery, so that people could feel as though there were living in the moment that he is expressing. Im a person that loves images, so Im always enthused to read anything from Williams, whether its prose or poetry. As they say- “a picture paints a thousand words”. The very first time I read “The Red Wheelbarrow”, which was in grammar school, i thought “this cant be considered poetry, its only four lines!” Within these four lines, however, is a world of subject matter. When one reads the lines “a red wheelbarrow/ glazed with rain/beside the white chicken”, ones mind (imagination) is pulled in so many directions. When i first red these lines, I immediately thought of donuts(glazed), which led me to think of dunkin donuts, then i thought of a red wheelbarrow which led me to think about summer camp, which led me to think about some fun childhood memories, and then i thought of “white chickens” which led me to think about a farm then i thought of my godsisters, who live near a farm and then i thought about the first time I rode a horse for some reason. So, some many different images and emotions are evoked from just four lines of peotry-thats the ultimate reason why i love reading Williams.