Hey Andrea! 🙂

So your the victim, since i chose to comment on your post of Auden. (Muaaaahhhhahahaha!) – that was my evil laugh by the way.

Okay, so these two lines  in Auden’s poem “The More Loving One” really stuck out to me me as well. When we read this peice in class and got to these lines, I was sitting there saying to myself, “Okay that’s sweet and everything, but this woman is crazy!” I dont understand why people exert so much effort into loving an individual, who decides they want to be “loved”. Why waste the time you know? The fact that Auden wants to willingly be the one “loving” in her situation is in a sense honerable-but she’s still heartbroken. So, at the end of the day im just wondering, why bother? I have been in a situation where i was the more loving one and it was just draining, ( i wanted to run “lover” over with a car five times over, just to release the stress). ( Im not crazy guys dont worry). But, Andrea you said your in that situation now, and you dont have to take my advice but i say screw him if he’s causing you too much stress. Life is way to short and precious for shannanigans! 🙂


P.S- I feel like i just vented instead of appropriately responding to the prompt. (Not sure if that’s a good thing, Ha!)