Ahhh! Wow, I thought the idea behind this article was very moving. I dont see what was so “artistic” or even poetic about about thinking of “nothing” in two different ways though. This article makes you think of the important of deeper thinking i guess. In the midst of all this “something”- earth, that is- we dont really see everything that there is to see, because there is so much that is “invisible”. So, we need to think deeply about the world around us sometimes to understand the true beauty of it all. In a way, i understand why Robert Rauschenberg hailed this erasure as poetry and not vandalism. The reason is because the interesting facet of poetry is not whats on paper right before our eyes, but what were not seeing-whats “hiding”. When we look at, for instance, a blank wall were forced to use our imagination to see and create “images” that arent there. Thats where the art comes in i believe. Ultimately, thats what makes “nothing” become “something”.