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I honestly can say that out of all of the poems that we’ve read thus far, the poem that really moved me would have to be “To An Athlete Dying Young” by A. E. Housman. When i first read this poem, i didnt really understand what Housman was trying to say regarding the pros of dying young-as a “smart lad”. It seems so true that most of the legends that have left their marks on earth died at an early age. The recent legend that we’ve had leave us all was the one of my favorite singers of all time- Whitney Houston. Its almost depressing to think that to be consider a legend, it would be more favorable to die young. As Housman states- “Runners whom renown outran, And the name died before the man.” In other words, Housman stands behind the idea that death is more favorable than having “the name [die] before the man.” This poem really made me think of  these celebrities that people look up to, who had an early death for whatever the reason maybe. Im a model and an aspiring actress and i was just thinking that i definitely dont want to die young and preserve this “glory”. When you think about it, its a sad way to view your accomplishments in life. Regardless, this has to be my favorite peom this semester in this class. ❤