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In A.E. Housman’s “Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now,” the subject of life being too short to cherish the things you truly love makes me quite sad. I think about how the speaker states in line ten, “Fifty springs are little room,” and although fifty full years may seem like an extremely long time to me now, it actually is not on a grander scale. His poem speaks out to me, saying that I need to appreciate the things I love the most because fifty springs from now I may not be able to appreciate them. Housman says that we will travel back in the wintertime, “To see the cherry hung with snow,” in effect doubling his opportunities to appreciate the tree and the nature that surrounds it. It is a very inspiring thing to realize that he is able to extend his appreciation by traveling through harsh conditions. It makes me feel as if I need to appreciate the things I love during every season, not just when these things are “wearing white for Eastertide.”