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“Two Ways to Think About Nothing” is an interesting article because it discusses the idea that there is always something inside of nothing. It really speaks to a lot of various art forms especially poetry because it makes you look deeper into things. For example, poetry isn’t just what you see on the surface. It is not just words written by someone that should be interpreted one way only. Instead, poetry can be meaningful in more than one ways and can give off multiple emotional reactions by readers. Rauschenberg states that he erased de Kooning’s picture and called it poetry. A blank piece of paper hung up in an art gallery by Rauschenberg was recognized as an erased picture that was previously de Kooning’s picture. Rauschenberg called his idea of erasing something meaningful poetry and that is significant. That is significant because poetry especially modern poetry is about seeing the beauty in things that aren’t considered beautiful. A homeless man on the street can be seen as a man without any principles, morals, or belongings. You don’t know what the homeless man was before he became homeless because he could have been a rich stock broker working on Wall Street. You may even be surprised to find out that he has a superior education and can carry an intellectual conversation despite his present unfortunate circumstance. The moral of the story is you can’t judge a book by its cover. So in the same token, what constitutes poetry is beyond the words that are seen on paper. Poetry has the ability to be seen as just simple words written down on paper but if you look closer you will find something much more than what meets the eye. So instead of just saying that a particular poem is boring or it’s too simple, take a second look and rethink that statement.