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Salve amicis (Hello friends)—again,

In my second post, I will discuss William Carlos William’s poem “Raleigh Was Right.”  I really enjoy this poem.  I feel that it speaks of the modern-mindset.  Instead of frolicking through the fields of flowers and trying to absorb the spirit of nature, Williams offers that nature provides no peace; nature is not free from the world around it.  The idea of nature somehow resembling a hope that counterpoises the modern lifestyle reminds me of Ragnarok (Nordic mythology); after Ragnarok (in Christian mythos, the Apocalypse or Doomsday) Lif and Lifthrasir (Adam and Eve) emerge from a forest—or great tree Yggdrasil—unscathed to repopulate the earth.  In this case, nature provides a protection from the mayhem of even the gods.  Getting back on track, Williams explains that nature doesn’t offer this pure protection from nature.  He writes, “do not believe that we can live / today in the country / for the country will bring us no peace” (18-20).  The negation in lines 18 and 20 offer a sense of hopelessness—a loss of hope in nature.