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Hi its me Vania,

I’m going to answer prompt number 6.In Millay’s sonnet “Love is Not All’, the images are definitely overwhelming. It is a poem that can be interpreted in two ways as we discussed in class. It can be interpreted as a simple poem with her choice of words being literal but when we look deeper into it it is very erotic. Lines 3-4 “Nor yet a floating spar to men that sink/ And rise and sink and rise and sink again;/” discuss love not being able to save a man from sinking but the images and repetition of “sink and rise” state something very much sexual. The images are not only overwhelming because of its sexual nature but the repetition of “rise and sink” cause the reader to visualize the constant feeling of rising and sinking. Rising and sinking can be very tiring and overwhelming because just when you think you are about to be saved (metaphorically), you sink right back into your troubles again. The images of “rising and sinking” cause the reader to go back and forth from feeling the optimism of love being able to bring them out of their worries, and then dissapointed when they sink again. Another image in the poem that is overwhelming comes from line 10. It states, “Pinned down by pain and moaning for release”. Not knowing if the line is to be interpreted as sexual or painful can be overwhelming for the reader when trying to visualize the two at the same time.