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Hello my fellow poetry lovers!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Okay, so I’ve finally gotten around to posting my response for the Millay readings. But before I do so, I’d like everyone to take a few minutes to watch the video that I posted yesterday, it’s really beautiful I think.

I didn’t chose Millay’s poem-I think Professor Gharabegian said it was sonnet # 52, which was my favorite out of all of the poems since we already discussed it in class. Instead, I chose the poem that begins “As to some lovely temple tenantless”…In this sonnet, Millay speaks of a “temple tenantless”-To me I thought of the “temple” as her heart, which is now empty/broken. She speaks of how her heart/temple is full of grief and loneliness because of the heartache caused by the lover who is now “dead” to her. Millay describes this image of a “worshipper returning”, which reminded of two things. First, I thought of a “worshipper” in a religious sense, which is someone who is dedicated and constantly comes to the temple to praise and thank their loving creator. Also, I thought of worshipper as an addict, someone who maybe addicted to a phenomenon whether it is detrimental or good for their health. To Millay, her lovers body was a “temple to delight”- a place where she enjoyed being. I also thought of how, we tend to always think about the good times that we have had with someone who we used to love. But it is always hard to think with the heart and not the head when everything is over between two individuals. The imagery that Millay uses is the total opposite of overwhelming. I feel that the images she depicts in the poems are just as strong as her emotion-which reinforces the intensity of passion in her writing.  

I kind of responded to the question about Millay’s poetic expression of love- evincing honesty, vulnerability and universality. This is my interpretation, but im bad at interpreting poetry so you all can feel free to tell me what you think Millay means in this sonnet. Or any other thoughts, ideas you may have. Im all ears! J

As for the Walter Benjamin handout, I don’t have any serious questions as of right now. Perhaps, when we discuss it further in class, I might have some questions.

See You all Tuesday!