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In “Anthem for Doomed Youth” Owen juxtaposes the entities of Church and State through the use of sounds that are contrasted in war and in religion. Owen starts the juxtaposition in the title of the poem with the word “Anthem” which is a song that is often sung in honor of a nation compared to an important religious song often expressing joy. In the poem the “Anthem’ could possibly be used to honor the deceased soldiers. In the octet of the poem Owen uses the elements of the church to depict the horrors of war. In lines(2,3,and 7) the images of war are linked to religious imagery in lines (4and 5). The “anger of the guns” (2) in war are compared to the “orisons” (4) and the ” stuttering riffles” (3) are compared to the church “bells” in line 5. In the sextet, Owen uses the natural images of the church to depict how war affects families.